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Body to Head Transplant

Hairs from the head area are generally used for transplantation purposes. However patients sometimes do not have enough hair on their heads to achieve the desired result. In such cases it is possible to transplant body hairs, as such hairs are very similar to head hairs in structure and quality. Hairs may be taken from the legs, the arms, the stomach, the chest, the back, the armpits or even the face. Even beard hairs may under certain circumstances be used.

For certain patients, body hair can become the source of several thousand grafts. This large donor area can be used to achieve greater hair density, filling larger bald areas or performing corrections – results that would not otherwise be possible for patients with no or very little donor hairs on their heads.

Body hairs are removed using the FUE technique, leaving no linear scar. Body hair grafts are then implanted in the same way as grafts of head hair.